Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stress? What is stress?

My life over the past month......two weeks of harrowing jury service which I have always wanted to do and then, when it came to it, I despised every minute. I was seriously confused at one point who the actual criminal was! I was actually told off for being late one morning! The judge presiding over the trial I was on had told us the night before to be back in court for 11AM to continue deliberations.The general rule, unless told otherwise by a judge, is that you have to be there for 10.15AM.  So at 10.12, I stood outside the court, having a last cigarette (because once you're in, there ain't no getting out) when a security guard came out and told me I had to be in the jury room NOW.

The snotty juror officer (who is allegedly there to help jurors) ripped into me as though I had committed a heinous crime! My pointing out that by her own clock I was still not late did not help matters and eventually I walked off to my locker, leaving her still ranting.

So what was this dire emergency that meant I had to be in the jury room earlier than I was told? I'm still not sure and seeing as myself and my fellow jurors were still waiting to be called at 11.30, I don't suppose it was all that dire.

I did have a legitimate excuse - I had been awoken at silly o'clock by a poorly Misty who had a tummy upset and needed cuddles but I saw no reason to make excuses for NOT being late. Fortunately Misty is now over her tummy upset, jury service is finished, I didn't get found in contempt of court for the crime of not being late but the stress at the end of that episode was overwhelming. I tried hot baths, good books, lavender oil on the pillow, but nothing helped. I wish I had had this stress pack from Find Me A Gift but never mind, I got through it and so I'm entering the competition to win it for the next stressful encounter I have.

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