Sunday, 30 March 2014

"Gnngrrrhhhh" (subtitle): the noise of a MagpieMan in love.

I spotted a rather fabulouso competition which offered the munificent chance to win a watch of your choice (within reason, obviously!) simply for waxing lyrical about how much you love the said watch. I normally avoid competitions where you have to explain how deserving you are of the prize as I always tend to get disheartened by the end of the first line - why am I any more deserving than anyone else? I'm not!  Sure, I could go for the sympathy vote by referencing a serious illness I had some time ago, but does that make me any more deserving? Not really.  There's always somebody worse off and,  frankly, not only do I not want to revisit that time in my life - even if it is only mentally and briefly - but I've also seen so many people play that card that I'm sure it must grate on the rolling eyes of whoever judges these things.

No, this one simply asks that you write about your favourite watch or piece of jewellery - no life history or sob story required - and so I decided to give it a go. I like watches. I remember my first one - it had a red leather strap and Mickey Mouse on the clock face. Mickey's arms pointed to the hour and minute - not that this was much use to me because I was four and couldn't tell the time - but I loved Mickey and I loved my grandad, who had purchased it from Woolworths for my fourth birthday - I felt so grown up, having my own watch - many people say that their first drink or their first kiss was their defining moment of adulthood but not me. For me it was the first "Mickey's big glove is on......."

It came with many verbal warnings from my Grandad to "keep it dry" and of course I didn't listen.   Mickey is long gone - he ticked his last in the sea at Skegness - ever since then, I've had this thing about not getting watches wet - even if they're water resistant!

So I was having a little nosey around the many examples of  timepiece **pornography gathered together by The Watch Hut to tempt and tease even the most reluctant of buyers whilst simultaneously trying to answer the mental question "If I could choose any watch, which one would I choose"?

"Birthday shopping for me"? chirped the disembodied voice of he who is usually ignored - somewhat to my bemusement as a) my birthday comes before his and b) I was visually caressing a rather sexy little Bulova ladies dress watch with rose gold accents which was (and still is) very pretty and, more importantly, very girly.

"Let's just have a quick look at the men's watches" came a hopeful voice from behind me, so, with a sigh, I clicked over to the men's section and scrolled through a few pages. "Gnngrrrhhhh" he said - well, it's pretty hard to talk after your jaw has dropped or with your tongue hanging out and he was suddenly afflicted by both.

So what had rendered him into a speechless, gibbering wreck?


You'll have to click right here to see the full glory of this Casio-tastic marvel and trust me - it's worth a click!

It's the first time I've seen him actually take an interest in a watch - he normally goes for the £2.99-that'll-do-fine-wrist-green-in-a-week-or-your-money-back specials from the market stall near the toilets. He wasn't interested in the quartz movement, the two year guarantee or any of the other little details - he was just, magpie-like - "Shiny. Want". I pointed out that it was water resistant - as you'll recall, that's a big deal for me when it comes to a watch - but this piece of useful  information was countered with the breathless and wide-eyed proclamation that it "looked like 007's" and my expounding on the virtues of a Neobrite dial was simply overridden by the monosyllabic "Mine".

Well, who can resist the blossoming love affair between man and watch?  Not me (and believe me, with the Bulova ladies watch still glistening in my brain, I tried) and so, reluctantly, I abandoned all thought of the sexy, girly, rose-gold accentuated wrist candy (Excuse the tear stains, They should dry soon. ) and wrote this blog post with him in mind instead, because, quite frankly, it would be such a blessing to be able to ask him the time in public and not have us both cringe in embarrassment as he displays his watch. I'm proud of him and I want him to be proud of his watch, too. 

**Note: It isn't really pornography. But The Watch Hut will make your eyes pop out and it will make you drool. So it might as well be.

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